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Turning designs into code that we can then power with some coding magic.



If you have a small organization and you are going to use this software on a single pc, then you can go with this option. In this case, we keep data on local pc only. We do not require an internet connection and no need to set up any server. This is a very lightweight and cost-effective solution.


If you are going to use the software on more than one computer than, we call it multi-user software. In this model, more than one user can work simultaneously. This has 2 types


If you want to use the software on your premises only. Then we can set up a server at your location. For this model, you have to install a LAN connection. The software can run over LAN connections very easily. For this, you do not require any internet connection. But it’s cover range is short. So this model is only effective if you have less than 20 users.


In this model, we set up a cloud-based database server and we install our software all the computers where you want to use the software. In this case, you can use the software only if you have a live internet connection. You can use the software anywhere in the world if, in your operating, the software is installed.


This is a widely used service in the modern ages. Our clients want to go with this option all the time. You can use web applications on your Desktop, Laptop, Tab and mobile devices too. The only requirement is you should have a live internet connection and a web browser. That’s all. No installation and maintenance overhead is required on the client system. You just have to maintain the server. We use reputed cloud-based servers, so the maintenance part well served. Also there some concern about security. So make sure, you get high security with the service providers.

This model is recommended if you want to use this software over many different locations. Or you want your customers can directly interact with you through your website, or you want your field agents can interact with the system on the go. Then you can with this option.


A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Well done

Chillara Ranga Rao, Director, ASP ltd, Kenya,

he is a phenomenal leader developer. We hired him to provide an overview devexpress, and he was able to truly present the value of the framework and guide our team on the best practices of using DevExpress. We are going to continue working with him in the future. He was punctual and always available when needed. (talking about a teammate)

Allen Hamaoui, Director, Computer Solution East, USA

Absolutely great, he was always contactable, willing, nothing was too hard. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a capable programmer and suggest you have a chat with him before talking to anyone else. I enjoyed working with him and will definitely be in contact again when I take this program to the next level. (he was mentioning one of our developers)

Glen Gangemi, Galton Supplies, Australia

It was nice to work with him on this project. It took longer than we first thought, but that’s because we added functionality to our software, and he had to spend lots of time learning many details about a complex industry. The knowledge he gained about our industry helped him create a program that met our needs and even offer solutions we hadn’t taken into account yet. He was able and willing to do all of this very well. He was also very helpful in fixing minor bugs: for example printing options. We have offices in Europe and the US, so we needed our items printed on US Letter sized paper in our US office, but have the option print on A4 in our European office. Once the software was finished, he helped us on an hourly basis to migrate information from our old software to the new software so our transition would be much smoother. I look forward to working with him again if or when our needs expand. (about our developer)

Kyle Goodman, Just Catering, AZ, USA

First time using code, software person. The contractor did a great job. He was always available for communication, multiple edits never complained and helped guide me through the project. I would use again, without hesitation.

Alton Russell, USA

They are a hard and honest worker, Great work as always goes above and beyond.

Nam Vuong, Manager, Ultra Coral Australia, Australia

They have expertise. What you ask they turn into reality. Sometimes I feel its magic, these people are magicians.

Walther Contreras (Director, Rodconn International)

Highly skilled developer. A pleasure to work with. I am ending this contract, to start another.

Daren Henry (Director, DHC, USA)

Agile developers. Expert in .Net and Accounting business domain.

Three Sigma LLC, Australia

Very happy with the work. He delivered on time and added some extra features to ‘future proof’ the application. I would definitely recommend it. Najibullah Khan, Interloper Corp, England Skilled at the work and has the patience of a saint. You will enjoy working with them.

Solue Limited

Completed work in the required time Easy to work with and the Quality of the work was excellent.. will use again

Aidan Kelly, Manager, Duelchem Ltd

They have done great work at a very low cost. Recommended.

Carolyn Fleetwood, Manager, Chachos, USA

It was a wonderful job done. The system was Nicely designed and developed.

Jyotish Khanna, Director, Anand Info Media, India

Great skills, very good communication, and job speed.

Peter Wisniewski, Poland

Developers did a fine job with our Crystal reports to track engineering time.

Chris South (Director, Six Axis, South Carolina, USA)

A very good resource to develop desktop applications. Though the project was small, I could get a sense of how good he is.

Jen Dsouza,


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