About Us

We analyze, explore, perceive, and thus creates an attractive solution to achieve success.

Our enthusiasm provokes us to play with melodious code and develop novelty software. Alit Technologies is an award-winning, results-driven IT solutions and product developing software company located in Indore. As a leader in technology exploring, Alit Technologies masters all levels of complexity, providing solutions on .NET technologies. The company’s general purpose is to develop the highest quality software and mobile app that satisfies the client with an advanced and modern IT solution. We emphasize progressive digital transformation and a quality-driven approach towards software development within given deadlines and the best price ratio in the industry. Our expert team has various domain knowledge and follows best industry practices by understanding business challenges. The company’s main objective is to provide quality services by respecting all the client’s expectations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading and industry’s premier software development company in the IT sector. Fortunately, we acquire sustainable business value in the global competition that serves SMEs to transform into digital enterprises. We focus on innovation and quality services that make a tangible contribution to the client’s business growth. We believe in perfection that makes us your best IT partner. We explore the world of digital solutions where our high-quality services satisfy the unique requirements of the client.

Our Mission

Our motto is to significantly assimilate business and enhance the client’s satisfaction by creating elite IT solutions. The main objective is to earn success for the client’s business growth by ensuring to deliver game-changing software products that make value and unwavering ethics to beat the competition. We determine real innovation stems from building the company culture that implements practical IT solutions for business purposes. We aspire to develop a motivated team of diverse and challenging work and produce leading-edge technology.

Our Core Values

Enthusiastic Team

Alit technologies is an employ-oriented company, empowers individual talent and working collaboratively to achieve more success

Success By Protocol

We are persistently focused on our services to sharpen our insights and magnify the success contributing to the success of a client.


We believes in uncompromising honesty and operating high integrity in everything. Building trust is our core by delivering commitments beyond any circumstances.

Innovative Thinking

We encourage creative and inspirational ideas with simplicity in a complex task. Our innovative technology satisfies our customers with productivity and quality of service.

Result Oriented

We appreciate a result-oriented approach in every endeavor that we perform. As results are the measure of competence and inspire us to deliver only superior quality to the client.

How We Work


The first step in the software development lifecycle is requirement analysis that ensures better cooperation for the development team and client. It displays all the technical and economic aspects to identify details of delivering time and cost estimates. The results of the current system prototype help to show the appearance of software to the designer. The well-structured documentation helps to determine the developed products satisfy all the agreed specifications.


The designing is the most vital stage of the product development lifecycle for validating ideas and winning clients' trust that we can finish them successfully. During this stage, the conceptual solution is created with standard mockups and a final prototype to define the fundamental software components for the future development process.


This stage of the SDLC is the backbone of the whole development process and the most challenging phase of writing code and generating the product. Our team of experts embedding the latest technologies and coded as per the company's standard and creating a fabulous and functional product using their multi-disciplined skills. The company aims to turn ideas into reality by developing efficient software that completely meets client requirements and provides regular updates by checking progress.


Testing is the most active and vital phase of all stages of modern SDLC to improvise and fix all the reported bugs of the product to make it more decisive and adequate. The quality assurance team is testing the minor pieces of code and verifying the system's integrity to make the software free of bugs and adhere to the client's requirements. The business goal is to generate clean code software products by testing every code rigorously and yield a better solution.


In this stage, the final product gets installed on the production environment step by a step implementation plan. The created code is executing into production by adopting the market strategies of deploying software to the targeted server, including installing, updating, and distributing software applications to the relevant business environment.

Our Journey

Our tremendous milestones towards technology world.

  • 2006-2014
    In this period, we started our coding journey and urged a wealth of knowledge in various domains. To cater requirements of our client, we are putting efforts into polishing our skills of development of software under the guidance of perfect mentors.
  • 2014
    The inception of Alit Technologies was led in 2014, offering IT services designed for business productivity to learn and grow. Our inquisitive nature with vast years of experience and creativity ensures that we continuously adopt changes in technology, tackle new challenges of the market trends, and deliver supreme services to clients.
  • 2017
    We had established the company in the heart of the city, with a team of experts achieving key rocketing success by completing 50+ projects successfully. Our laser-like focus on clients' requirements, providing excellent hosting solutions, and flourishingly delivering IT services.
  • 2019-2020
    With great enthusiasm, we are moving ahead with solid plans and a desire to expand our corporate team and business all across the globe. The occurrence of the pandemic was a roller-coaster journey that had limited the development of our organization. However, we are learning from the ups and downs, intensifying our skills, accomplishing our goals and becoming the world's leading enterprise.
  • 2021
    We believe in our success and have faith in our skills tend to turn the uncertainties of risk of failure into the opportunity of growth and become the globe's leading enterprise. The leadership of Alit Technologies has 15+ years of experience in delivering innovative and productive services, achieving our goals, and successfully expanding our space and team capabilities.