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Alit Technologies offers innovative services using empowering technology and wisely evolving possibilities to solve the customer's most complex challenges.

A leader in Desktop App Development Solutions for your business

As a leading software development company, Alit Technologies leverages rich technical expertise to develop user-friendly desktop applications that works offline and online. Desktop software development is the core strength of our company that helps to spruce up the productivity of your business environment by making tedious IT operations run in an enhancing manner. Our team of experts understands the current business scenarios and develops a product with UX, cloud, data, and security as their elite target.

What We Build

Native & Cross-Platform Desktop Application Services

Alit Technologies builds up desktop applications with particular interpreted languages for windows, mac & Linux. Our desktop application development service uses cost-effective ways for the best desktop application frameworks and supports their platforms.

API Development & Integration

We develop API development & integration that results in excellent innovative outcomes and also boosts your business value. Our skilled software developers discover groundbreaking trends that attract customers rapidly.

Product Architecture & Design Services

We evolved and defined the product architecture strategy for drilling deep into the market to engross more customers. Our design services are fascinating, wise, and user-friendly that add competitive value to your business.

Product Development

We offer end-to-end software product development services and strictly adhere to standard quality for hassle-free integration. We assure that the developed product is customizable, stable, and secure and undoubtedly improves profitability.

Maintenance & Support

Alit Technologies aims to ensure that the products developed with the latest technology are highly relevant & reliable helps improve your business’s overall efficiency. Our team delivers total support and maintenance service of the application for any complexity and integration to the client.

Technology Stack

Our dedicated team develops a robust desktop application that rolls out comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to our clients. We have mastered the dynamic technology stack by providing highly stable, flexible, and secured desktop-based keys.

  • WinForm / WPF
  • DevExpress
  • RDLC Reports
  • Crystal Report
  • DevExpres Reports


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a desktop application?

Desktop Software get installed on your computer. It may work online or offline. A desktop application can be designed to work for single user or multiple user. Desktop software doesn't require web browser to run unlike web applications, where as it installs on the operating system and runs as a stand-alone software. Desktop software developed dedicatedly to run on a specific operating system such as windows operating systems. But some cross platform technology provides ability to develop software which can run more than one operating system like windows, linux and mac.

How much it will cost to develop a desktop software?

We develop custom software, so the work totally depends on your requirements. That's why the cost is also depends on your requirement. Please contact us to get a free quote.

How much time requires to develop a desktop software?

It totally depends on the requirement, project scope, number of features and complexity level. We estimate the time of development in number of working hours. We work 8 hours per day and 5 days a week. So if we are providing an estimate of 100 hours, then it leads to 12.5 working days. That may spread around 3 full weeks, because one week has only 5 working days.

How you get understanding what client needs?

We gather all possible information about current system, what it does, limitation of it and what are the changes you want to implement in new system. Then we design a wireframe and shows to client. Once both parties (client and development company) get agree then we continue to next stage.

What is maintenance cost post production?

There is no maintenance or recurring cost involved. Only if you have any new requirement, further enhancement or bug fixing then it would be chargeable.

In what condition one should choose to develop desktop software?

If the requirement related to:

  • Internet viability is an issue
  • Machine integration tasks
  • Needs heavy user interface or heavy data entry
  • Needs to control operating system behavior
  • Heavy data processing tasks.
  • Heavy data management tasks.

Or web application are not able to fulfill the requirement.

When to not choose desktop software?

  • Number of users who interacts with the software are large or not defined.
  • Software installation on each user's pc is a problem.
  • Looking to access the software on desktop and mobile both.
  • If you don't have anything that is mentioned in question "In what condition one should choose to develop desktop software?"

What are the advantages to choose desktop software over web application.

  • Better user interface and keyboard accessibility.
  • Desktop software are usually faster than web applications.
  • No recurring maintenance cost.
  • Better hardware integration and native API support.

What are the disadvantages of desktop software over web application.

  • Installation and maintenance overhead.
  • Can be accessed only on desktop computer.
  • Not available on the go.

How many types of Desktop Applications are there?

  • Single User
  • Multi User
  • Offline
  • Online
  • OCA (Occasionally connected application)
  • Silent Application (works in background)

Can the same desktop software be installed on the window and mac

Generally, No.

It depends on which programming language and platform the software has developed Some cross platform development tools provide this feature, to code once and deploy for different kind of OS.

C# and VB.Net, Winform and WPF are not cross platform and it produces the software that can run on the Windows OS only Whereas there is a mono liberary exists that can compile C# code to work for linux and other platform.

Microsoft has announced MAUI that advertises a technology where you can code once and deploy it to all operating systems. It is in it's early ages, we are waiting for its stable version to be released.

Can I use desktop software on Mobile or iPad?

No. Desktop software specially designed to work on desktop computer only.

Can a multi user software work as offline software too?

Yes, For that you need to have a server computer where you can install your RDBMS. You have to install the software on all client's PC and point the database to DBMS server.

Can a single user software work as online software?

Yes, Database can be hosted over shared hosting or cloud server provider. It doesn't matter for the software that one user is using or multi user. For the software perspective it is already treated as multi user.

What about security?

If the desktop software is working offline than it may have installed on the local pc or on a local server in that case client has to deal with the security themselves, because if someone will be able to breach the network and windows security then they can stole all the data from your computer including data of your custom desktop software.

If the desktop software is working online then the dbms service provider is responsible for the security.

There are a several steps and techniques that can be implemented to protect or encrypt communication between software and database. It depends on the scale of the software.

What if you will not be available for further service support?

We deliver the custom software and it's coding also. So if in future we are not available to assist you, then you can hire somebody else who know dot net technology. With the help of code anybody can provide further service and support.

Where the data to be saved?

Data saves in a RDBMS (relational database management system) of your choice. like MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite etc.